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The first major allocation of money from the Housing Opportunity Fund was approved Thursday. The loans will go towards more than 200 affordable housing units.

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Port Authority buses and trains arrive on schedule less than 70 percent of the time, according to a new report from state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale. While there’s room to improve, DePasquale acknowledged that the agency has come a long way.

In 2014, his office released an audit that covered 2007 to 2012. Port Authority’s fiscal house was really out of whack, he said.

“What gets me rolling is when you’re giving a former executive director free housing, a free car, while cutting routes,” DePasquale said. “That gets my blood boiling.”

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An amendment passed Wednesday by Pittsburgh City Council would partially restore some of the proposed budget for the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Affordable housing activists cried foul when the original draft of the 2019 city budget slashed the URA’s funding by more than $5 million.

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At a rally Friday morning, transit activists called on the Allegheny County Port Authority board to change policies that they say hurt low-income riders. A letter was delivered to the Authority's board with 2,500 signatures asking for free transfers, no penalty on cash fares and fare capping.

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Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto’s proposed 2019 capital budget could cut funding for the Urban Redevelopment Authority by more than $5 million. URA officials say that limits their ability to invest in neighborhoods.

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There are thousands of bridges big and small in Pennsylvania, and many are in need of replacement or repairs. 

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In Bloomfield, at the confluence of four roads, one bridge, and 11 lanes of traffic, there stands a grocery store. Some see an invaluable resource in the Bloomfield ShurSave IGA, others an underused space, and some, an opportunity—the future is in the eye of the beholder. As well as that of any future developer.

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It’s been more than eight months since one of Uber’s cars struck and killed an Arizona woman while the vehicle was in self-driving mode. The company grounded its fleet while internal and federal investigations were underway. Now, Uber aims to return to testing on public streets.


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Getting to work can feel like running an extended obstacle course: kids who refuse to put on coats, construction detours, bus delays. The prize? Doing it all over again the next day.

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Pittsburgh's bike sharing system Healthy Ride opened its 100th station in the city Thursday, at the corner of Penn Avenue and Winebiddle Street in Garfield.

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Gov. Tom Wolf said this week that he wants to change the way Pennsylvania pays for transportation.

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Investigators say a broken rail caused a freight train derailment in Pittsburgh over the summer that disrupted service for weeks.

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From establishing historic districts to offering developers incentives to protect old buildings, Pennsylvania communities have a host of options to preserve their historic structures.

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Pittsburgh Public Schools board representative Kevin Carter says he did not sign a letter of support for Amazon’s HQ2 that bears his signature. And the solicitor for the school district, whose office procured that letter, says an investigation will begin immediately. 

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Pittsburgh was one of the first cities in the U.S. to experiment with the concept of a dedicated bus rapid transit system. Today, Pittsburgh’s three busways cover nearly 20 miles and help remove thousands of cars from the city’s congested highways.

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Infrastructure is more than roads, bridges and water lines. 

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The opening pages of Pittsburgh’s bid for Amazon describe the region as proactive and innovative, and tout it as a place of partnership with an enviable cost of living. “The world’s most customer-centric company deserves a customer-centric home,” it reads. “In Pittsburgh, you will be our neighbor, and we will treat you like one.”

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Pittsburgh will not be home to Amazon’s second headquarters, nor its third. On Tuesday, the company announced its plans to split HQ2 between two locations: Long Island City, in Queens, New York, and Crystal City, just outside Washington, D.C.

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What do Canada geese and scooter rental companies have in common? They both head south for the winter.

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Braddock is the latest municipality to struggle with elevated lead levels. Recent testing showed a spike above federal law. But, unlike a lot of places, the Braddock Water Authority’s pipes are likely not to blame.

Uber Wants To Resume Self-Driving Car Tests On Public Roads

Nov 2, 2018
Sarah Kovash / 90.5 WESA

Nearly eight months after one of its autonomous test vehicles hit and killed an Arizona pedestrian, Uber wants to resume testing on public roads.

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Judge Terrence O’Brien ruled that the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County failed to justify the nondisclosure of the region’s bid for Amazon’s second headquarters, or HQ2. City and county officials say they intend to appeal the decision to Commonwealth Court.

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The development plan for a three-acre park that will cover the I-579 / Crosstown Boulevard Corridor near downtown was approved by Pittsburgh’s planning commission on Tuesday.

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The number of people who bike in Pittsburgh continues to grow. The aim of the city’s bike plan is to ensure the infrastructure grows, too, but with high levels of public input.

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By 2030, the city of Pittsburgh wants more residents to easily access to places to walk, bike and enjoy nature. The goal is for every resident to be a 10-minute walk from a green space, and parks are just one part of that, said Chief Resilience Officer Grant Ervin.

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A Pennsylvania nonprofit is suing the state and the federal government to block a plan that would replace the foundation of a centuries-old bridge.

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Pittsburgh City Council is expected to vote on legislation Tuesday that would require building owners to install sprinkler systems in all high rise buildings 75 feet or taller. Since the 1980s, all new high rises in the city have been required to have sprinklers, though it's unclear how many older buildings are without them.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation says data collected from nearly a dozen roundabouts across the state reveal their design has resulted in a significant decrease in crashes, injuries and fatalities.

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Urban Redevelopment Authority Chairman Kevin Acklin resigned from his post Thursday in anticipation of his new role as senior vice president of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Acklin will oversee the Penguins' development of the former Civic Arena site in the Hill District -- a project that has caused strife between the URA and the Penguins in the past.

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The state Department of Community and Economic Development has rejected an Office of Open Records decision that it must release its proposal to attract Amazon’s second headquarters, or HQ2, to Pennsylvania.